In today’s world it is necessary to protect your brand image to have a larger impact on the stakeholders.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is essentially any name, logo, numeral, label or any characteristic depiction even colour combination, sound and smell that represents your business . It establishes a unique brand with which people associate a particular product or a service.

Benefits of a Trademark?

  • Establishes a unique brand with which people associate a particular product or a service
  • Trademark registration primarily helps to build and retain loyal customer base while deterring competitors from using similar names or selling their products or services using your name.
  • Prevents any confusion clearly identifying from which business group a product or service belongs.
  • A Trademark being the intellectual property of a business needs to be cautiously protected with proper registration as this will be needed in the future if you plan to franchise the brand or enter into any commercial business arrangement based on the strength of your brand.

Trademark classes :

There are 45 classes in total which group various product and service offerings. This basically brings any business you choose to pursue into any one of these 45 classes.
You can know more about the goods classification HERE.


Class 35. Business Management; advertising; business administration and other office functions.

Class 36. Financial affairs, Insurance; Monetary affairs; real estate affairs.

Class 37. Repair, Building construction, Installation Services.

Class 38. Telecommunications

Class 39. Packaging and storage of goods; Transport.

Class 40. Treatment of Materials.

Class 41. Providing training; Entertainment; sporting; Education and other cultural activities.

Class 42. Technological and scientific services; industrial analysis and research services; development of computer hardware and software and their designing.

Class 43. Services related to providing drinks and food or temporary accommodation.

Class 44. Any kind of Medical services (including Veterinary, hygienic and beauty services) both for humans and animals; horticulture, agriculture, and forest services.

Class 45. Legal and security services; personal and social services.

Use of ®  Symbol:

Upon registration of your trademark, you will be allowed to use the ® symbol to denote that the trademark has been registered and enjoys protection under the Trademark laws of India.

Use of ™ Symbol:

  • The ™ symbol is generally used to indicate that there has been a trademark application filed and pending before the Trademark registry.