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Website Making with cutting edge technology and the latest designs is our specialty. We think of designs that will be based on the central idea provided by our clients. Our team of dedicated web designers thinks of designs that will suit their marketing strategy and reach the target audience while serving their purpose. We deliver effective, quality and customer-oriented designs in given minimum time. Our experts and professionals make sure the website meets all requirements required to attract potential customers.

We design simple, unique and easily navigable websites that take lesser time to load and open up faster in pc,laptop, smartphones (be it Android, IOS or Linux) . The website project a clear idea of the central theme and message just after the page is opened by a visitor. At Avant Garde Technologies we use the new versions of softwares and state of the art tools used for designing web content. We design websites keeping in mind the three major keywords i.e accessibility, usability and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our websites strictly on the guidelines set by web standards.

We believe in constant upgrading of a website so that the website never goes out of date. One can check out our successful track record in the field of web designing by going through our list of clientele . We deliver according to your needs by firstly preparing a structure to asses your needs perfectly,then dive into details for coming up with the best web solutions. We consider it our priority to make your website look class apart and stand out from the crowd by presenting it in a distinct way. We provide such quality designs at affordable and competitive prices.

We Build as well Host our clients website on our hosting.

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